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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

Everyone looks to the world and asks why we don’t do better. I want to look at myself and ask what more I could be doing. This month my focus was around playing an active part in my community.


I spoke with the Sound Telegraph about my journey in Miss Global Australia (MGA) discussing how proud I am to be able to represent Baldivis on the international stage and sharing the work I’m doing with various charities in our area. I was invited to open The Pageant Room's ‘Tiara Tuesday’ segment, which features Pageant Queens and I had the opportunity to further express my vision for women in business. My local community group page ‘Baldivis Now’ shared my MGA story, helping me reach out and make contact with more members of my local community. Each of these opportunities helps me share my message about women in business and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Charity Features

This month I proudly assisted Make-A-Wish Australia hosting a stall at the Mandurah’s Children Festival where we had the pleasure of helping children create their own garden beds to raise money for the Rockingham-Mandurah Branch Wishes. Make-A-Wish regularly attend events in the area to raise money for local wishes.


Impound Feline Rescue (IFR) is a local rescue dedicated to saving pound cats and finding them homes. IFR held an adoption day at Pet Stock in Jandakot with a few of the resident cats available for adoption and merchandise for sale. The IFR Team are a massive inspiration and are always looking for people to volunteer, foster, adopt, donate and help raise awareness.


Women in Business

In early November I was invited by my employer to attend the AIM WA Leadership Summit in Perth. The Summit is an annual Leadership event with Key Note Speakers sharing their insights into Leadership and other related matters including branding and personal development. I regularly attend events and training to reflect on my approach and refine my goals to play my part in achieving gender equality in the workplace.

I was honoured to receive a nomination for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2019 by a member of the IFR Board earlier this month. The application process is extensive and I’m happy to say my nomination is completed and rests in the hands of a panel of judges.


I took some time this month to reflect on everything I have been trying to achieve combining Miss Global and my Career ambitions. After looking back on previous interviews I’ve decided to take my own advice and be brave enough to make tough decisions and fighting for my goals. I can’t wait to share some exciting news with you soon.

Yours Always -

Miss Global Australia 2018

Feature: Follower Question of the Month goes to @EmilyEganInsta

What has been your favourite part about your journey so far? <3

Being able to combine my pageant goals and career ambitions. By using Miss Global Australia as a platform to celebrate women in business, I’ve been able to combine two previously separate areas of my life and use them together to share my passions with the world. Speaking publicly about my trials and goals has led other people to reach out and share their own personal experiences. Even now the stories are eye opening, to hear of experiences that occurred many years ago right through to issues women are experiencing today. I’m honoured women feel safe sharing their stories with me and it fills me with constant determination to find equal balance in the workplace.



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