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Coronation is in sight!

What an exciting month, this will be my final blog post before I head off to compete at the Miss Global Finals! This month has been all about planning for the International competition. We proudly announced the international finals will be held in the beautiful Philippines across three different locations supporting an exciting schedule.

The official residence will be the Seda Vertis North of Quezon City from 1st – 5th February. We will then move onto Boracay from 6th – 8th February, a small island renowned as a top location for tourists where we will undertake swimwear photoshoots and events. Before finally moving onto the Heritage Hotel Manila, nearby the Newport Performing Arts Theatre where the Coronation will be held with Miss Global 2019 being crowned.

The 29th January saw one final meeting with my Australia Director, Lucinda Ferguson, to cover off all the last minute preparation. To my wonderful Director, thank you for all your ongoing support helping me achieve one of my wildest dreams and squeezing in visits around my hectic schedule. To everyone who followed my journey, will watch the overseas event and follow my journey until handover later this year, thank you always, you mean the world to me.

The overseas event will hold judged events including Cultural Wear and Evening Gown. I’m happy (and relieved!) to say both items have arrived from a special designer and they are more than I could have hoped for, keep watching the Official Instagram and Facebook accounts for their big reveals during the competition.

Coronation is in sight!

I look forward to the Miss Global 2019 event and hope I continue to make the country proud.

Love always,

Miss Global Australia 2018

Feature: Follower Question of the Month goes to @thepageantproject How do you balance everything you crazy girl?

I have so much chaos in my life, it's become normal. Every moment I remind myself I’m living out a dream I’ve wanted to make reality for many years. I was adamant I never wanted to waste a single minute of this opportunity and am determined to do my best. Everything I do is working towards creating a better and brighter future for women and any tiring moment I experience will be for a bigger gain. To show you how my schedule looks at the moment, I wrote this blog during my lunch break. Deep Breaths – it’s all crunch time now!



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