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"... Nothing happens unless first we dream..."

Words from our Queen

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Why pageants? 

This is a question I have gotten for years now and I think it’s time I gave an honest answer 


👑 It keeps me actively thinking about my involvement with causes I care about and the community. People tend to think that (and I am often accused of this) pageant girls only do charity work because it’s required for a crown. Yes, I will admit, pageantry is what forced me into getting involved in the beginning, HOWEVER I am so grateful that it did! Something that people don’t understand is that many charities and community events also really enjoy having pageant contestants and queens get involved because they bring media with them! There are so many positives that come from being able to wear a sash while volunteering! And pageant girls always bring the best positive vibes with them too!

👑 CONFIDENCE! When I first started competing I doubted myself every day, I thought I wasn’t pretty enough, thin enough, tall enough blah blah blah. But pageantry proved to me that I can achieve great things just the way I am. It also proved to me that it really IS about how you carry yourself, I have placed higher and won titles when I was “heavier” and “curvier” than I’d ever been before but I felt good in my skin and THAT is what the judges gravitate towards. This doesn’t mean I don’t take care of my body and health leading up to a pageant, but the reason I do so is because of how it makes me FEEL, not how it makes me appear to others in a bikini.


👑 Personal Growth: After being thrown into a room with a panel of 10 judges critiquing every move I made, every word I spoke, time and time again, I can comfortably say that I now interview well! It takes A LOT to shake me during an interview now, this is something that has and will continue to help me throughout my career and personal goals and that’s something you can’t put a price on! Throw me on stage and ask me question, I dare ya! I’ll happily roll out an impromptu speech 😂


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Pageant prep top tip ✨ 


With contestants preparing for the national finals of the Miss Australia Pageants I thought I’d share my most valuable tip to remember while getting ready spin on into pageant week, so here it is: 




always remember that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have everything organised and perfect! It happens! Gowns go missing or don’t fit right, your personal and work lives get hectic so you don’t go to the gym as often as you had planned to or practice for interview as much as you hoped to, maybe your national costume doesn’t make it through customs, or the tippy tops you ordered are too big! OR a global pandemic hits and you don’t get to participate in the charity work and community events like you’d promised to! I’ve seen it all! 


Having competed internationally 3 years running, I’ve experienced it all! So here’s my tip for making it through these crazy mishaps.. FORGET ABOUT IT AND MOVE ON! You can not sweat the little things, roll with the punches and keep pushing forward, if it’s something you can’t control or fix before pageant week starts, then forget about it! 


Real queens rise above the hurdles thrown at them, they focus on the things that matter and accept the things they can not change. Personally the years I have just accepted that it won’t be perfect, but it will be my best, it will be the real ME that is there in front of the judges, are the years I have succeeded and often taken home a crown. The times I stress and let silly little details get to me are the years I’ve walked away with regrets.

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The first person you need to convince that you’re the winner.. is yourself. 👑 THIS is what changed the pageant world for me, MINDSET! If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you convince a panel of judges to do so? The year I won Miss Intercontinental Australia, one of the main things I did differently was changed the way I thought about myself as a contestant. I told myself I have what it takes to win that title. I made a vision board, I envisioned it. I looked at previous queens and I asked myself what made them so great? What made them a queen? And I took those points, added in my own because you still need to be you, and I took the steps I needed to take to be that person. Break it down like you would any other goal, and envision yourself achieving it. Hey, I even photoshopped a crown onto my head for my mood board before I competed internationally and you know what? I’m now part of an international Royal Court 👑 People make mood boards of their dream house, dream car, travel dreams and so on.. if this is YOUR dream then envision it!


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How will you ever experience anything if you don’t take the leap? 🌊 


Throughout my many years of pageantry I am lucky to say I have travelled interstate to the sunny Gold Coast a number of times, but bigger than that I’ve travelled internationally 4 times, this is what I’m calling one of my top pageant “bonus experiences!”


Pageantry is a HUGE world! It is growing rapidly here in the land down under but I’ve experienced first hand how big the industry is internationally. Within this world there are SO many incredible experiences to be had that no one can understand unless they’re in the world themselves. 


This photos was on the beach during some down time in the Phillipines during the @missintercontinentalofficial finals in 2018. I can honestly say that there is not a single chance that without pageantry I would have seen some of the incredible places in the Phillipines which I can now say I’ve experienced! 


The same goes for Mexico, the USA and Indonesia! 


What I’m trying to say is that there are SO many bonuses to pageantry that people don’t consider could be within their reach!  Sometimes walking away without the crown just doesn’t matter when you consider everything the industry brought to your life. 


This isn’t a pitch to try get you to enter a pageant, although I do highly recommend giving it a crack, what I’m trying to say is that you have to give things a go and you might be pleasantly surprised by what makes its way into your life without intentionally searching for it..

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